Tips for Dealing With Car Sick Kids in a New Nissan

Most parents have been there before. You hop in the car with your family for a road trip or are traveling for the holidays when the unthinkable happens: your child gets car sick. It’s never a fun thing for anyone involved, and parents often feel helpless as they watch their child get car sick from the rear-view mirror. Matters are made slightly worse when traveling in a brand new Nissan. But have some hope! We’re here to tell…

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Why Your Next Car Should be a Nissan

New car shopping is a real pleasure to some, the biggest hassle to other, and truly exciting for all. From Nissan model research, comparing features and maybe even your favorite color to exploring loan options, visiting the dealership and test driving, it can be a whirlwind! Fortunately with our experience we know what is most important about the car buying process and what you should know. And, to be frank, we think you should know about these six reasons to choose a new Nissan for your next vehicle.

Breathing Room
If you have ever ridden in the backseat of a car, you understand how important head and leg room are. Your passengers shouldn’t feel like packed sardines when they are in your car, so Nissan designed interiors made for real people. Across the board, the Nissan lineup features…

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Protecting a Precious Cargo Aboard Your Nissan: Pets Safety

To many people, their pets are consider a member of the family and in some cases consider “children”. The prouder the puppy parent the more likely they are to take their pooch everywhere no matter where they are going. This can mean frequent car trips as well as walks. Pet owners and lovers alike should know a few things about pet safety in a vehicle before ever taking that first trip.

To make this a like easier for everyone, we have compiled some tips we think will help you and your pet have a safer trip in your used Nissan or other vehicle straight from the car dealership Charlotte. Keep reading below for dog car safety tips, some of which can be utilized when transporting other species of pet. You may consider some of these tips to be…

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Everyone Needs to Have a look at Nissan’s Midnight Releases

Nissan has actually just recently chosen to broaden its series of Midnight Edition Nissan Models, using more options for chauffeurs. This update was formerly just offered for Maxima SR designs. Presently, the lineup consists of 6 core designs, and the business chose to enhance the accessibility of modification because of client need. The highlights of the option consist of black mirrors and wheels, spoilers, and other accents.

The present Midnight Model function is offered for 3 sedans and 3 crossover …

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New & Used Nissan Vehicles For Sale In Charlotte NC

Nissan Auto Repair, Service, Sales & Rentals

Serving Charlotte, NC and the surrounding area, Scott Clark Nissan offers great low prices and incentives for new and used cars to all of our local customers. We carry the most complete selection of vehicles, and we pride ourselves on being the one-stop-shop for all of your Nissan needs. Customer service is our number one priority, and you will always find the lowest prices and the best service with us.
9215 South Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28273
Driving Directions
Sales  855-423-7642
Service  888-903-1302
Parts  888-698-0902
Rentals  704-970-4335

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Top Reasons to Choose a Local Nissan Dealership for Your Automotive Care Services

2017_pathfinder_angularviewAll vehicle owners will need to perform some type of upkeep on their vehicle in order to keep it looking and running at its best for as long as possible. A few recommendations for basic care include periodic washes and usual maintenance. Proceed with caution as routine maintenance practices and services can vary from shop to shop, or save yourself the stress by entrusting Scott Clark Nissan with your Nissan service needs.

Not convinced? Below are some of the top reasons our customers keeping returning to us for their auto repair Charlotte NC and maintenance needs.

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How to Prepare Your Nissan for Winter Driving

The cold weather months can sometimes be the hardest on your Nissan. With the salt on the roadways that can trigger rust and other issues, and the effect that dropping temperatures has on your tire pressure and fluids, you may find a seemingly small issue amplified in a much larger one. With a couple of simple steps, you can start preparing your vehicle and keep it going through the spring.

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Methods to Guarantee Vehicle Brakes Are Ready for Freezing Weather

The last matter people wish to encounter in the winter season is automobile difficulty. Handling frost and ice on the roadways plenty, plus defective brakes? That is many motorist’s most awful problem. Guarantee your brakes are all set to deal with the cold season with our leading advice.

Examine the Brake Fluid
It is a smart idea to examine your vehicle’s fluid levels and replenish them prior to winter season. Note, brake fluid is no exception. Brake fluid is a typically ignored element of used cars…